Personal Mattress Guide (Stop Counting Sheeps)

Personal Mattress Guide (Stop Counting Sheeps)

Stop Counting Sheep in the Dark

Not sure which one to choose? Read the following to know the difference between Noa and Snow Slumber bed mattresses.



Does your mattress need replacing? It has been a reliable partner through the highs and lows of life. Unfortunately, your body and the bed do not get along now. If you are waking up with neck pains, headaches, and feeling lethargic, you need a new mattress. Here is our guide to purchasing it:



Internal composition

The main criterion for assessing which matters to purchase is its type. Numerous options in the market offer individual features:

  • The foam provides unique pressure points to relieve body pain and offer comfort.
  • A mattress in latex has more bounce to it. In other words, the individual will not sink into the bed while sleeping.
  • Thirdly, steel coils create the innerspring personal mattress. It is firmer and perfect for stomach and back sleepers. In addition, it aligns the spine too.
  • The hybrid offers immense support and does not require flipping, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, you do not need to burst your wallet to purchase it at Snow Slumber.



Firmness of The Mattress

The 7-8 firmness provides optimal comfort.   The mattress will hug the sleeper's curvature. Thus, giving comfortability of unknowable standards. Our mattresses are very soft yet firm. As a result, the bed provides back and hip support.

The Budget

Secondly, we encourage customers to analyze their budgets for the best possible outcome. Similar to beds, a personal mattress also comes in different price points. Therefore, you can browse for sales online during the holidays. However, you can always visit physical shops too. 

Regardless, do not practice haste and purchase the cheapest mattress. On the other hand, do not succumb to the attraction of a high price point too. It does not always guarantee comfort. Therefore, patiently browse the market instead of paying for a costly tag.

Mattress Size

After deciding the type of mattress and the budget, it is time to determine its size. Most of the time, the customers will guess the size based on their previous beds. However, the mattress shrinks in size from continuous use.

Furthermore, if the individual has more space in their loft or room, they can purchase a larger personal mattress. An appropriate size for a child, teen, or single person is a single-size or a super single-size mattress model. However, you can choose a King or Queen sized mattress for an adult.

Sleeping Position

A personal mattress comes in different varieties if you sleep on your back or stomach. Furthermore, there are also options for individuals who sleep in the fetal position. The sleeping position determines the level of firmness and support. As a result, the individual sleeps comfortably without bodily pains. In addition, it prevents body weight from leaving an imprint on the mattress.

Assuming you sleep in a combination position. In that case, we suggest purchasing a personal mattress with medium or versatile firmness. As a result, the bed will complement different sleeping positions, so you are not tossing and turning all night.

Body Weight vs. Personal Mattress

We understand weight is a sensitive topic for many individuals. Therefore, do not take it personally when the salesperson inquires about it. Body weight is an influential factor in deciding a personal mattress. It impacts sinking and support.

In addition, the mattress will accommodate differently to a more lightweight individual than a heavier sleeper. As the person’s weight also influences their sleeping position, we suggest paying close attention to the understated variable.

Lastly, the bed will also maintain the ideal body temperature for a sound sleep at night.



Purchase a mattress from Snow Slumber

Snow Slumber has over 12 years of experience identifying the mattress industry trends and secrets. Our unique mattresses are very comfortable at night because they transfer heat to the bottom. As a result, the individual does not experience overheating. You can assemble our beds very quickly. In addition, Snow Slumber also offers a 120-hours trial period with 15 years of warranty. 



Mattress Company Service - Return and Refund Policy

Furthermore, Snow Slumber provides a complete refund for any reason within the trial period. However, our 100% refund policy stays theoretical because we are confident in our mattresses. 

Snow Slumber aims to become the best personal mattress provider in Singapore. Innovation and research drive the company to establish a robust market presence. We guarantee our mattress collection will positively impact your mood and relationships. Dial +65 8863 3016 or email us for more information. 

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