Snow Slumber VS FourStar Mattress Review

Why FourStars Mattress buyers fall in love with Snow Slumber Instead

Snow Slumber VS FourStar 

Meet Snow Slumber, a mattress brand that's raising the bar in Singapore's sleep industry with its ultra-cool offerings. Designed to rival big brands such as FourStar, Snow Slumber's mattresses stand out for their unique blend of luxury, cooling technology, and affordability. With these mattresses, restful and sweat-free sleep is no longer an elusive dream - even in Singapore's hot and humid nights. Thanks to their luxury hybrid design, touted as the coldest in Singapore, you can enjoy truly refreshing sleep without the worry of overheating. Even more compelling is Snow Slumber's commitment to affordability, debunking the myth that premium mattresses must empty your wallet. As a brand, Snow Slumber stands as a genuine and earnest mattress maker, deeply attuned to Singaporeans' struggle for a cool, comfortable, and restful night's sleep


Snow Slumber VS FourStar Mattress Review

5 Reasons Why Snow Slumber Is A Better Option Than FourStar


1. Cooling Technology

Singapore Most Cooling Mattress | sg cooling mattress | sg cold bed

As the Coldest Mattress in Singapore, many would ask how one ensures its coldness.

At Snow Slumber, we designed the superior cooling technology known as the ActivSnow+ Silk Technology (AST). This helps to regulate and reduce the temperature up to 7 degrees. It helps to dissipate the hot air that the mattress has collected over the night into the environment, while absorbing and circulating the cold air from the room to the mattress. Ensuring that the mattress always stay cold, keeping your body comfortably cool throughout your slumber.

The advanced cooling system is further enhanced by a secondary cooling support – the Cooling Gel Foam. It gives out cold air that further reduce the warmth felt by the body. Combined with Snow Slumber’s unique mattress constructions that allows for maximum air ventilation to cycle through the mattress that ensures no hot air is trapped within, this leads to consistent cold and inviting sleeping surface.

FourStar Mattress’s cooling technology – Detense ArcticSilk fabric is designed to help keep the sleeper cool while reducing any build-up of heat. Its main purpose is to absorb heat and moisture from your body and release it slowly to the room to prevent mattress from becoming too hot.

Even though FourStar Mattress have been around a long time in Singapore, but its cooling technology might still have limitations compared to Snow Slumber’s. The Detense ArcticSilk fabric might have trouble absorbing all the moisture and heat as Singapore is very hot and humid, and the heat might not be able to emit from the mattress fast enough for the sleeper to enjoy the cold slumber. Thus, its cooling technology might not be effective against Singapore’s hot and humid night.

Hence with Snow Slumber’s advanced air ventilation system that effectively tackles Singapore’s unpredictable weather, Snow Slumber stands at an advantage as the optimal choice for the best cooling mattress in Singapore.

2. Motion Isolation Technology

Motion Isolation Mattress | Zero Disturbance Mattress | Back Support

Sharing a bed with a partner or pet calls for a mattress with superior zero disturbance technology to ensure a restful, undisturbed sleep. Snow Slumber answers this call with its 12-zone individual pocketed springs system. This system absorbs impact from motion and isolates it to the movement area, ensuring that the motion does not disturb another person sharing the bed. Moreover, the 12 zones provide different support levels to different body parts, ensuring your entire body is well-supported, even when moving.

In comparison, FourStar offers a 5-zone pocketed system. While it does provide some motion isolation, it's effectiveness is not as comprehensive as Snow Slumber's 12-zone system. Moreover, FourStar's ability to absorb movement can vary, depending on the user's weight.

To summarize, Snow Slumber’s advanced 12-zone pocketed springs system outperforms FourStar Mattress’s 5-zone system in terms of motion isolation technology. By considering zero-disturbance technology, comfort, and support, Snow Slumber emerges as the superior choice.

3. Mattress Construction Layers

This is Snow Slumber hybrid luxury mattress’s construction layers:

Snow Slumber Mattress Layers

  1. ActivSnow Silk+ Technology (AST): A special blend of fibres that helps to dissipate hot air, intake cold air and due to its anti-static properties, it also helps to reduce the build-up of heat.
  2. Cooling Gel Foam: Foam induced with cooling gel that support the cooling technology by releasing cold air to the mattress from within.
  3. Natural Airwool Foam: Natural and eco-friendly foam that helps provides support and promote air ventilation.
  4. Snow LatexLayer: Natural and eco-friendly latex that is durable and provide better support while promoting air ventilation.
  5. Blue Wavy Massage Foam: Denser layer of foam that helps to alleviate pressure points providing comfortable and contouring support.
  6. Snow LatexLayer: Natural and eco-friendly latex that is durable and provide better support while promoting air ventilation.
  7. 12-zone Pocketed Springs: High-carbon springs that are wrapped individually and sectioned into 12 zones to minimize motion disturbance and provides tailored support to different parts while feeling the maximum comfort. It is highly durable and compressible.
  8. Bed Edge Support: High-density foam known as High Resilience Foam that is high in durability and support, designed to provide additional support and stability to the mattress’s edge.

This setup guarantee that there is no heat entrapment for Snow Slumber’s luxury hybrid mattress while providing consistent coldness, comfort, and support to the user.


For FourStar’s the DeTense | ArcticSilk Advanze Aire Flex Aster Mattress:

FourStar Mattress Layers

  1. Detense ArcticSilk fabric: An anti-static material designed to absorb moisture and reduce heat build-up.
  2. Gel Memory Foam Layer: Memory foam induced with cooling gel to regulate temperature and conform to the body
  3. Aire Flex Technology: Technology that promote airflow through the mattress using air channels.
  4. 70D Latex Layer: A natural latex known for its durability and comfort. Provides support and helps to reduce motion transfer.
  5. High Density Foam Layer: A layer of high-density foam that is designed to provide additional support and durability.
  6. 5-zone Pocketed Springs: High-carbon springs that are wrapped individually and sectioned into 5 different zones to prevent motion transfer to a certain extent.
  7. Base Layer: A layer of high-density foam that helps to provide additional support and durability.

Comparatively, both mattresses bring a set of unique features that are designed to improve your sleep. However, Snow Slumber's hybrid luxury mattress, with its additional construction layer and attention to detail, stands out for its advanced air ventilation and comfort enhancement. While FourStar's mattress employs a well-rounded approach to support and temperature regulation, the Snow Slumber mattress takes it a step further with its eight-layer construction. This includes extra components like a Cooling Gel Foam layer and a special 12-zone Pocketed Springs system, offering an unparalleled balance of comfort, support, and coolness. Though both mattresses provide quality and performance, it's worth noting that the intricate design of Snow Slumber's mattress could potentially offer a more comprehensive sleeping solution. Ultimately, the choice should align with individual sleep needs and preferences, with a keen eye for what each mattress uniquely brings to your sleep experience.

4. Mattress Sizes & Varieties

Single , Super Single ,  Queen ,  King sized mattress , Singapore standard size bed

When it comes to size and variety, both Snow Slumber and FourStar Mattress offer options catering to different preferences, yet they each have unique attributes that set them apart.

Snow Slumber, attentive to individual comfort and need, offers a diverse range of sizes, from Single to Super Single, Queen, King, and even California King, closely following the dimensions of the U.S. King size. This extensive selection ensures that every sleeper can find the perfect fit. Moreover, Snow Slumber further personalizes the sleep experience by offering two different firmness levels (Soft and Hard), allowing customers to choose according to their specific comfort needs.

On the other hand, FourStar Mattress focuses on providing a variety of mattress series with different features, aiming to cater to a wide array of sleep preferences. However, this abundance of series and similar functionalities might lead to a more complex selection process for the consumer. When it comes to size, FourStar Mattress offers a more standard range with Single, Super Single, Queen, and King options, falling short of the extended variety provided by Snow Slumber.

In summary, while FourStar Mattress seeks to impress with a broad spectrum of series, Snow Slumber’s tailored approach, offering a more extensive range of sizes and firmness options, provides an edge in personalizing the sleep experience. For those seeking out niche expertise in cooling mattresses and an extensive array of size choices, Snow Slumber appears to be an appealing option. Conversely, FourStar Mattress may be suitable for those drawn to exploring different series and features, despite a slightly more limited size variety.

5. Pricing

Budget and affordable mattress

When examining the price points of Snow Slumber and FourStar mattresses, there is a noticeable difference in cost, but it is essential to recognize that price does not necessarily equate to quality.


Snow Slumber offers their mattresses at remarkably competitive prices:

Single: $699

Super Single: $799

Queen: $1099

King: $1299


Comparatively, FourStar’s prices are significantly higher:

Single: $3199

Super Single: $3399

Queen: $4599

King: $5199


The question that arises is whether the higher price of FourStar corresponds to a superior product. While many consumers often associate higher cost with better quality, this is not always the case. Snow Slumber demonstrates that a lower price does not mean a compromise on quality. In fact, in terms of mattress construction, support, durability, and even variety, Snow Slumber might even offer superior value when compared to FourStar, but at a more affordable price point.

The perception that a more expensive mattress guarantees premium and superior quality can be misleading. In some instances, the higher price may encompass hidden costs such as showroom rentals, salesman commissions, marketing fees, and other overheads that do not necessarily translate into better product quality.

In summary, Snow Slumber's pricing provides not only a cost-effective choice but also a quality option that does not lose out to its higher-priced competitor, FourStar. For those seeking value without compromising on quality, comfort, and technology, Snow Slumber offers an attractive alternative. It's a reminder that a cheaper mattress doesn’t mean a bad or lousy one, and sometimes, paying more doesn't always guarantee receiving more.


Why Snow Slumber Mattress Takes The Win?

 Snow Slumber Affordable Mattress

In conclusion, Snow Slumber excels in various essential aspects that make it a standout choice over FourStar Mattress. Its advanced cooling technology ensures optimal temperature regulation, while the 12-zone pocketed springs in motion isolation technology provide superior comfort and support. The thoughtful mattress construction, with an additional layer emphasizing ventilation and support, aligns well with a broader array of sizes and firmness options, catering to diverse customer preferences. Most notably, Snow Slumber offers this quality at a more affordable price range, demonstrating that excellence in mattress design doesn't have to come at a premium cost. Overall, Snow Slumber presents a compelling option for those seeking quality, variety, and value, making it a preferable choice for many consumers.

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