Snow Slumber VS Winter Sleeps

Snow Slumber VS Winter Sleeps

Who has the coldest mattress in Singapore? 

Snow Slumber – the coldest mattress in Singapore that masterfully blends luxury with unparalleled cooling technology. Expertly crafted with advanced cooling technology, this luxury hybrid mattress offers a unique combination of latex, foam, and 12-zone pocketed springs. With its dedication to ensuring optimum sleep quality, Snow Slumber's design emphasizes both comfort and back support, making it the go-to choose for those seeking refreshing, undisturbed rest in Singapore's tropical climate.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Winter Sleeps, a formidable competitor in the mattress industry. Winter Sleeps' hybrid mattress integrates latex, foam, and 7-zone pocketed springs into its design. It stands out with its Nanofibers Glacier Silk cooling technology, ensuring sleepers experience a chill, serene slumber. Elegant and meticulously crafted, Winter Sleeps aims to strike the perfect balance between softness, support, and cool comfort.

This review we are going to discuss about who has the coldest mattress in the world and why.


 Snow Slumber WinterSleeps Comparison Chart

5 Essentials to meet to be the

Coldest Mattress in the World.

Singapore coldest mattress

1. Mattress Cooling Technology

In Singapore's hot climate, a mattress with top-notch cooling tech is a game-changer, turning sweaty nights into cool, uninterrupted sleep.

Snow Slumber's innovative ActivSnow Silk Technology (AST) sets it apart. The topmost layer of the mattress is crafted from a unique blend of silks. Its primary function is to effectively dissipate the accumulated body heat, whilst simultaneously drawing in the cooler ambient room air. This cycle ensures that the sleeper remains cool throughout the night. Additionally, the mattress has a second cooling layer made of gel foam, which consistently releases cold air, enhancing the cooling effect. Such mechanisms can lower the temperature by up to 8 degrees, possibly more, making it a haven of coolness.

Winter Sleeps, on the other hand, employs NanoFibre Glacier for its cooling feature. This is essentially a layer of gel-infused memory foam that provides an initial refreshing touch. However, there's a potential caveat. While the immediate sensation might be cool, the memory foam's nature could mean that heat becomes trapped as the night progresses, leading to a rise in temperature. Furthermore, memory foam's durability is often called into question, as it might sink or lose its resilience over time.

In summary, while both Snow Slumber and Winter Sleeps incorporate cooling technologies, Snow Slumber seems to have an edge in ensuring sustained coolness throughout the night. Its innovative design and dual cooling layers promise not just an immediate cool touch but enduring coolness, making it a prime contender for the title of "the coldest mattress in Singapore." Conversely, Winter Sleeps, although offering initial relief, may not guarantee lasting coolness, especially in the prolonged humid nights of Singapore.


soft mattress singapore | firm mattress singapore | firmness rating2. Mattress Firmness

Firmness is not just about the feel or touch of a mattress; it's a pivotal factor for ensuring optimal comfort and support during sleep. The right firmness can alleviate pressure points, provide adequate spine alignment, and ensure a more restful, uninterrupted slumber.

Snow Slumber acknowledges the diverse sleep needs of individuals by offering two distinct firmness options. Customers can opt between a softer variant, rated between 4 to 5, and a more resilient version, which falls between 7 to 8 on the firmness scale. These ratings have been shaped by the invaluable feedback of our customers, helping others make an informed choice. This spectrum of firmness ensures Snow Slumber can cater to a variety of sleeping preferences, providing the best possible comfort tailored to individual needs.

In comparison, Winter Sleeps maintains a standardized approach with a single firmness level at 6.5. While it might cater to a broad range of sleepers, the lack of choice could be limiting for those with specific firmness preferences.

Thus, Snow Slumber stands out in comparison to Winter Sleeps when comparing the difference in firmness and, the firmness option available to consumer.


mattress zone pocketed springs

3. Zone Supported Pocketed Springs

Zone-supported pocketed springs are integral to providing targeted support to the body's different areas, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief. In Singapore's competitive mattress market, the number of zones a mattress offers can significantly influence its comfort, support, and overall performance.

Snow Slumber elevates the sleeping experience with its 12-zone pocketed springs. Each zone, from the head to the toes, is painstakingly created to cater to body parts. This guarantees that every part of your body receives the proper amount of contouring and support, resulting in a harmonious balance of alignment and comfort. Additionally, the high carbon steel construction of these springs guarantees longevity and consistent support, making it a reliable choice for sleepers seeking lasting quality.

In contrast, Winter Sleeps offers a 7-zone pocketed spring system. While it still provides differentiated support to various body parts, it might not be as precise or comprehensive as the 12-zone system in Snow Slumber.

In summary, while both mattresses offer zoned support tailored to the body's needs, Snow Slumber's 12-zone system potentially delivers a more nuanced and targeted support system, ensuring the best possible sleep experience for Singaporeans.


4. Mattress Construction Layers

The construction of a mattress not only determines its overall performance but also its practicality in everyday scenarios.

Snow Slumber inside of mattress

Boasting an intricate 7-layered construction, Snow Slumber offers a balance between comfort, durability, and cooling:

  1. Activ Snow Silk Technology + cooling gel foam: This top layer not only offers immediate coolness but also ensures that heat is dissipated throughout the night.
  2. Airwool Foam: Designed for enhanced breathability, ensuring a consistently cool sleeping environment.
  3. Snow Latex: Provides resilience, ensuring the mattress retains its shape over prolonged use.
  4. Blue Massage Foam: Tailors itself to the body, offering relief and a premium sleep experience.
  5. Snow Latex: An additional layer for reinforced resilience and comfort.
  6. 12-zone pocketed springs: Targeted support and enhanced motion isolation make for a restful sleep.
  7. High-density foam for firm edge bedding support: Increases the mattress's lifespan and stability.

At a height of 33cm, Snow Slumber strikes a balance between luxury and practicality, ensuring it fits most standard bedsheet sizes while also being safe for households with children or pets.

 Winter Sleeps inside of the mattress

Winter Sleeps' 6-layered approach prioritizes immediate cooling and comfort:

  1. NanoFibre Glacier Silk: Provides an instant cooling sensation.
  2. WinterCool Massage Foam: Molds to the body, ensuring targeted support.
  3. MemoryCloud Latex: Adds a touch of plushness and comfort.
  4. Second Layer of WinterCool Massage Foam: Reinforces the comfort and contouring the first layer provides.
  5. 7-zone pocketed springs: Generalized support with a focus on the body's major regions.
  6. Protective Foam edge: Strengthens the mattress edges, enhancing overall stability.


However, its height of 35cm might present some practical challenges. While the added height can exude a sense of luxury, it may pose difficulties in finding suitable bed sheets. Moreover, the higher mattress can be a safety concern, especially for households with pets, infants, or young children, increasing the risk of falls or accidents.

In terms of construction, while both mattresses offer their unique features, Snow Slumber's diverse layering coupled with its more practical height gives it a discernible edge, both in terms of comfort and everyday usability.


most affordable cooling mattress singapore

5. Price

Price is often a pivotal factor when choosing a mattress, but it's crucial to consider what you're getting for your money. Comparing Snow Slumber and Winter Sleeps provides a revealing insight into the value proposition of both brands.

Snow Slumber's queen size mattress comes in at a competitive $1099, while Winter Sleeps' equivalent is considerably higher, priced at $2299. While some might assume that a higher price tag equates to superior quality, that's not necessarily the case here. Despite its more affordable price, Snow Slumber doesn't compromise on quality or advanced technology. In fact, when evaluating the features, materials, and technology employed, Snow Slumber emerges as a contender that not only matches but, in several aspects, surpasses Winter Sleeps.

Customers are essentially getting a premium experience with Snow Slumber, but without the premium price tag. It presents an exceptional value proposition, allowing sleepers to enjoy top-tier comfort and innovative technology without breaking the bank. In contrast, with Winter Sleeps, one might be paying a significant amount more without a commensurate increase in value or quality.

In conclusion, Snow Slumber showcases that top quality doesn't always have to come with a hefty price. It offers Singaporeans a high-quality, technologically advanced mattress option at a fraction of Winter Sleeps' cost, making it a savvy choice for those seeking luxury without the luxury price.



Snow Slumber Luxury Hybrid Cooling Mattress Singapore

In the battle for the coldest mattress in the world, Snow Slumber emerges as the undisputed victor over Winter Sleeps.

Through meticulous examination of firmness options, zone-supported pocketed springs, cooling technologies, and mattress constructions, Snow Slumber consistently stands out. Its flexible firmness options and 12-zone pocketed springs cater to diverse needs, ensuring exceptional support. Moreover, its pioneering cooling technology ensures an unparalleled sleeping experience. Most notably, Snow Slumber offers all these premium features at a significantly more affordable price point, emphasizing that one doesn't need to break the bank for top-tier quality. Why pay more when, with Snow Slumber, you can experience superior comfort and technology for less? This makes Snow Slumber not just an industry leader, but also the best value proposition for customers seeking the ultimate cooling mattress.

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