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Short Introduction on Snow Slumber

Snow Slumber 100% Guaranteed

Snow Slumber – the coldest cooling luxury hybrid mattress in Singapore that uses nothing but eco-friendly and premium materials so that our customers get nothing but the best. We are a local brand that understand the typical Singaporean’s needs for a restful night. That’s why we created Snow Slumber, the only mattress you will ever need to counter the hot and humid nights in Singapore.

And the best part is that Snow Slumber offers a high-quality, luxurious cooling mattress that’s actually affordable, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about the cost.


 Snow Slumber or Origin Mattress?

Snow Slumber VS Origin Mattress Comparison
**Compared to Origin Mattress Hybrid Pro

5 reasons why Snow is a better choice than Origin Mattress

1. Mattress Construction

Snow Slumber 6 Layers

The reason why Snow Slumber can ensure that their mattress does not trap heat is due to its intelligent construction.

 Snow Slumber luxury hybrid mattress have 7 layers:

 1) ActivSnow+ Silk Technology

 2) Cooling Gel Foam

 3) Natural Airwool Foam

 4) Snow Latex Layer

 5) Blue Massage Pressure Foam

 6) Snow Latex Layer

 7) 12-zone Pocketed Springs


Why is the construction of the mattress layers important for good mattress breathability?


The pocketed springs form a core system that promotes air circulation, working like a breezy screen door, allowing the mattress to stay cooler.

With Snow's 12-zone pocketed spring, air will flow even smoother and circulate it even faster than typical pocketed springs system.

Latex, known for its breathable nature, further enhances this airflow, acting like a comfortable, airy cotton t-shirt that keeps the heat at bay. Snow's Latex Layer is breathable and durable just like the average latex but does it a lot better.

Foam, on the other hand, can trap heat if it's quality or material is bad.

But at Snow Slumber, there's no such thing as a foam that trap heats thanks to the intelligent design and advance technology, we came out with Air wool Foam, a type of foam that helps to dissipate heat. This allows Snow Slumber to harness the comfort of foam without compromising its cooling mission.


For Origin Mattress, they do offer hybrid mattress that have a blend of foams, latex, and pocketed springs but they only have 6 layers and are German engineered.

Whereas for Snow Slumber, it’s a local brand that understand Singaporean's pain of sleeping in hot mattress that builds up heat and it have back support that might be suitable for those with frequent back aches or back injuries.

Thus, in terms of mattress breathability, with 7 layers structure in mattress and the expertise of cooling mattress, Snow Slumber might be the better pick in terms of better mattress air ventilation.


 2. Cooling technology

Mattress Singapore - Coldest Mattress Snow Slumber

A great cooling mattress can provide comfort that gives you absolute comfort and rest. This is because when you sleep, your body temperature will decrease slightly. This cool down will signal your body that you are sleeping soon, hence a faster and bigger drop in body temperature will result in you falling asleep faster and deeper. So, if your mattress or environment is too warm, it can interfere in this cooling process causing restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

Leveraging our unique ActivSnow+ Silk Technology (AST), Snow Slumber effectively eliminates accumulated body heat, transferring it away from the mattress. Concurrently, it circulates cool air from the surrounding environment back to the sleeper. This sophisticated heat management not only cools the mattress but also reduces the sleeper's body temperature, promoting enhanced sleep quality.

Other than the AST, we have a cooling support system to help enhance the coolness of our mattress via the Cooling Gel Foam, that helps to give out cold air and decrease the temperature up to 7 degrees colder. We measured the temperature of the mattress under the most optimal conditions with thermal gun.


For Origin Mattress, an expert in back-support mattress, its cooling technology might be insufficient or lacking. Memory foam can easily retain heat if not used wisely, which defeats the purpose of a cooling mattress if it becomes a hot mattress instead.

The temperature 18 degrees might not be the optimal temperature for everyone to sleep comfortably in as different individuals have different preferences. Lastly, Origin Mattress’s cooling technology might be insufficient to tackle Singapore’s constant hot and humid weather as they may not perform optimally under Singapore’s unique weather.


 3. Different firmness and sizes

Singapore bed size

In terms of mattress sizes and firmness, Snow Slumber outshines Origin Mattress with its expansive range of mattress sizes and firmness.


Snow Slumber mattress have sizes from Single, Super Single, Queen, King, and California King (US) in Singapore Standard Mattress Sizes. While Origin Mattress size range from Single to King in Singapore standard bed sizes.

As for firmness, Snow Slumber offers 2 different distinct firmness, soft (4 – 5) and firm (7 – 8). On the other hand, Origin mattress only have 1 kind of firmness for both their series, Origin Classic and Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress.


We understand that choosing mattress can be rather troublesome especially when there is so many different types in the market. That’s why we have chosen to specialize in making the coldest mattress in Singapore – the perfect solution you need to beat Singapore’s hot and humid nights.


 4. Support

12-zone pocketed springs back support mattress singapore

Origin Mattress may be an expert in back support in courtesy of their German-designed chiropractic technology. But it’s important to note that Snow Slumber’s 12-zone pocketed springs back support design is equally competitive and formidable.


Snow Slumber's 12-zone pocketed spring system provides targeted support that contours to your body for ultimate comfort, much like a luxurious hotel mattress. It doesn't merely provide overall support but rather pays attention to the specific needs of different parts of your body, ensuring each area gets the right amount of firmness.

Moreover, its zero-disturbance technology guarantees that movements on one side of the bed won’t affect the other side. This means that whether your partner or pet climbs onto the bed, your sleep remains undisturbed, ensuring a restful night.

In addition, the Natural Airwool Foam and Snow Latex Layer in the Snow Slumber mattress provide a unique combination of softness and support. They offer a cloud-like sleeping experience that's soft and bouncy, yet firm enough to support your back and joints.


With such a back support design, Snow Slumber not only equals but also competes strongly with Origin Mattress's back support technology.


 5. Price

Most Affordable Luxury Hybrid Mattress in SG


Even though both companies offer a 120-night trial, free delivery and a solid 15-year warranty, allowing customers to make their purchase with confidence. Snow Slumber presents a distinct advantage when it comes to the mattress pricing.

The Snow Slumber luxury hybrid mattress, queen size, is priced at SGD $1099, while the Origin Hybrid Pro of the same size comes in at a significantly higher price point of $1499.


This difference makes Snow Slumber an excellent choice and the best value for money. Especially for those who are looking for luxury, comfort, back support designed, and advanced cooling technology mattress without the hefty price tag.


Conclusion: Snow Slumber is the Champion!

Snow Slumber VS Origin Mattress Singapore Review

In considering factors such as mattress construction, cooling technology, variety in firmness and size options, support, and price, Snow Slumber emerges as the clear frontrunner against Origin Mattress. Snow Slumber's mattress design provides superior air ventilation, a crucial need in Singapore's hot, humid climate. Their cooling ActivSnow+ Silk Technology creates a substantially cooler sleep surface. And, if 7 degrees colder isn’t enough, Snow Slumber also offers premium Tencel bedsheet sets to further lower your mattress temperature with superior cooling design.

Snow Slumber stands out with its range of options, offering different firmness levels and a broad array of sizes. Their robust 12-zone pocketed springs back support design rivals Origin's German-designed tech. But Snow Slumber's priority isn't solely support — your comfort is of equal importance. Most impressively, the queen-size Snow Slumber luxury hybrid mattress, priced at SGD $1099, offers luxurious comfort without breaking the bank, thus cementing Snow Slumber as the best cooling mattress.

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